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ARIES - Archetypal Themes - Full Recording

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ARIES - Archetypal Themes - Full Recording
ARIES - Archetypal Themes - Full Recording

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Watch from £7

Recording of Webinar

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Original event description:

On the 31st of March 2022, at the beginning of Aries season this year and on the eve of the New Moon in Aries, I am starting a new series of monthly talks/seminars focusing on the exploration of the building blocks of astrology - the 12 universal archetypes. 

For beginners, as well as more for advanced students of psychological and humanistic astrology, this will be a chance to discover the Zodiac as a process and enrich their understanding of the expressions of the 12 energies in real life situations. 

Starting with Aries, my goal will be to offer actual examples of where and how we can recognize this archetype in people and situations we encounter every day.  

Let's get back to the basics of the astrological language together and explore the principles and temperament of each sign and its associated symbols (houses, planets etc.). 

This session will be followed by an open discussion focused on the same topic on the 7th of April - one week afterwards. You will receive a separate invitation to join that if you are interested. 

These webinars will be run monthly for the upcoming 12 months (starting March 2022), until we complete the full circle of our journey around the wheel of the Tropical Zodiac. 

Event admission fee: £12, maximum number of attendees: 25

A bit more about the event: 

 - If you signed up, you will also be emailed a link to the recording, so you can watch it at a later date in case you could not make it to the live session.

 - Excerpts of the recording will be published on my YouTube channel. Join me there and subscribe to it if you wish to follow up with future material and watch previous astrology meetings and workshops. 


Finally, if you want to support my work, you can leave me a quick review on my page:

Thank you!


Background photo credit: Emil Bisttram (American, born Romania, 1895–1976), Oversoul, c. 1941. 


  • Recording of Webinar

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