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Recording of Webinar/Workshop

The Will to Live and the Natal Sun

Finding the Clues in the Birth Chart

The Will to Live and the Natal Sun
The Will to Live and the Natal Sun

Time & Location

Watch from £5

Recording of Webinar/Workshop

About the Event

Original event description:

I will share my observations on the charts of participants in thе event, focusing on our topic.

Your chart will be discussed only if you attend live, though, as it is important for the interpretation to be in the form of a conversation, with your personal response and feedback.

What I invite you to talk about this week:

  • What is the connection between the motivation to live and create and the position of the Sun in the birth chart? How the solar sign, house and aspects indicate the source and intensitiy of our ability to imagine a purpose and follow a consistent path? What brings us back up and out of depressive moods and we need to ''recharge our batteries''?
  • Are we embodying the Sun and what kind of energy and direction is it giving to the rest of the planets (psychological functions) in the chart? What might be blocking its development and expression?

I will discuss all these questions, looking at the chart for clues.

In my work, I concentrate on using the natal chart as a conselling tool and want to share with you practical tips and techniques of chart interpretation from a psychological and humanistic point of view.

Join the conversation and share your experience or just listen in the background!

Our upcoming meeting is this Saturday the 29th of July 2023. Register below to get the Zoom link emailed to you.

Maximum number of participants is 15 to keep the cosy feel of the group.

Admission is at the symbolic fee of £5

Should you wish to pay more to support my work and help cover the cost of running these events,  there is the option to do that at checkout.

I will record the session and excerpts of it may be published on my YouTube channel. If you signed up, you will receive the recording link by email a few days after the live meeting.

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Thank you!


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