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Cancer - From: 'Astrological Insights into the Spiritual Life' by Dane Rudhyar, 1979

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Twelve Zodiacal Qualities of Spiritual Living


Art by Maggie Taylor -

The word is used here in its most positive aspect, but it can be unfortunately applied to biological and psychological conditions which are not relevant to spiritual living. A person can be not only abnormally, but morbidly sensitive to all kinds of impressions and suggestions. The spiritual life does not accept passivity to external impacts or internal pressures as a valuable factor. Yet, positiveness does NOT mean that senses, feelings, mind and intuition should be ‘set’ in any rigid manner. One can be totally open to the universe, yet positive in one’s attitude towards what comes into the field of one’s consciousness.

The field of one’s consciousness is, in a sense, one’s ‘home’ – thus the elation to Cancer. But it should not be a jealously guarded field, and much less a fortified castle. There should be a constant commerce of values between the inner and the outer worlds – and no rigidly protective tariff. If an individual has not the sensitivity needed to vibrate freely under the impact of a great variety of experiences, and to resonate to vibrations reaching him or her from higher and subtler realms of existence and consciousness, then such a person’s spiritual living is poor indeed, and his or her progress is very slow.

Man’s greatest asset along the tortuous path of planetary evolution in the biosphere has been his unusual sensitivity, his awareness of subtle clues and half-hidden or remote possibilities. Sense-awareness, feeling-awareness, mental awareness and intuition combine to provide man with a very delicate type of sensitivity. This sensitivity must not be unsteady and overwhelm the core of consciousness. Courage is required in order not to fear it. As the mind attempts to interpret the messages it receives and to deduce from them – without allowing itself to be self-deceived – guiding lines in the pursuit of ever-higher, more encompassing goal, the quality of non-possessiveness is also necessary; for in order to be truly open and sensitive, one has to be positive and secure, yet non-attached to past experiences.

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