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Leo - From: 'Astrological Insights into the Spiritual Life' by Dane Rudhyar, 1979

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Twelve Zodiacal Qualities of Spiritual Living


Art by Maggie Taylor -

One of the deepest and often well-camouflaged pitfalls encountered in the spiritual life is a tendency for self-dramatization and, at a further stage of involvement, self-glorification. It may start with the feeling that one is quite ‘special’, or that the group one belongs to is blessed with a unique and direct connection with some Master, or even with God. The next step is a deliberate or unconscious attempt to give to what may be rather ordinary or unspectacular happenings an extraordinary significance – a dramatic significance which places one’s action in an especially exalting light. This sooner and later feeds a growing sense of pride and spiritual achievement.

An individual may indeed have made notable progress in his or her development. One may witness in oneself the emergence of relatively unusual and fascinating new powers or faculties (for instance, clairvoyance, telepathic communication, etc.). These experiences may well be impressive, but unfortunately what they also impress is the ego with its own special importance. Moreover, such experiences can be used to impress others with the importance of the experience – or rather, of his or her ego. Even suffering and tragedy – or ‘attacks’ by dark Forces – can become instruments for self-dramatization.

The Leo type of temperament is particularly apt to indulge in this kind of feeling and to dramatize itself, but we all have something of such a tendency in us. For this reason, the Church has always demanded humility and obedience of all who sought to dedicate themselves to spiritual transformation. The proud ego had to humble itself in every possible manner, and to give up any sense of being ‘special’ and extraordinary, favored by God – even if this meant favored by spectacular tragedies or opportunities to perform deeds which seemed divinely inspired.

Today in our ego-exalting society, the word humility does not have a very attractive appeal. I have therefore used the term simplicity, which has a broader application and in every instance goes to the root of the matter. Simplicity is the antidote of self-dramatization. Complexity and the urge for psychological self-glamorization almost always lead to some form of pride. This pride may be camouflaged through the use of noble gestures, even gestures of self-humiliation. The truly spiritual person is not only humble; his acts are direct and simple. He is simply and purely what he is. Others may place all kinds of mysterious or wondrous interpretations upon his simple actions; but the spiritual person makes no claim. He lets his works speak for themselves, as he ‘walks on’ toward an ever fuller actualization of his innate potential of being.

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