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Virgo - From: 'Astrological Insights into the Spiritual Life' by Dane Rudhyar, 1979

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Twelve Zodiacal Qualities of Spiritual Living


Art by Maggie Taylor -

The qualities mentioned so far have a basically subjective character. They refer to the will, the feelings, the mental development and the way the individual allows his or her energies to respond to and flow outward into the surroundings. As a result of this complex personal activity, the individual is faced with the necessity of considering alternatives, of making choices and decisions. In order to be spiritually significant these require discrimination.

It is unfortunate that today the word discrimination is popularly used in terms of discrimination AGAINST a person or class of persons. True discrimination operates BETWEEN alternatives – right and wrong, good and better, etc. Discrimination is needed at the mental, emotional, biological and socio-cultural levels, so that situations which a person meets can be objectively analysed and evaluated in order to be meaningfully acted upon.

A clear mind and glamour-free sense of values are essential. However, almost everything depends on the STANDARDS of intellectual honesty and of value, which consciously or not, the individual accepts. Underlying one’s thinking must be some basic principles or beliefs to which the individual refers, even if he cannot precisely and clearly explain, to himself as well as to others, why he passes his intellectual, moral of feeling judgements.

The zodiacal sign Virgo has been called the sign of discipleship because to become the disciple of a great Teacher or to serve a Cause implies a determination to find a reliable foundation upon which a sound sense of discrimination can be built. One’s discriminations may seem sound to the disciple and not to other persons, but this does not essentially matter. What matters, at the level of the spiritual mind, is that the individual no longer takes for granted and unquestioningly accepts a traditional, inherited basis for discrimination, but that he makes a deliberate effort to discover what to him as an individual is true or false, valid or invalid.

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