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Pisces - From: 'Astrological Insights into the Spiritual Life' by Dane Rudhyar, 1979

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Twelve Zodiacal Qualities of Spiritual Living


Art by Maggie Taylor -

Such a faith is what the Pisces type of person needs in order to overcome the insidious pressures of the ‘ghosts’ of his or her race’s past. Such a person should also be careful not to dwell constantly in the ‘psychic realm’ filled with such astral presences or emotional memories, or within the realm where the great institutions and cultural-religious traditions of past centuries still pursue their now often obsolescent existence. The past is to be known, evaluated, appreciated for what in it was vitalizing and promising of futurity. One should not FEEL in terms of the past, or allow oneself to be conditioned by memories of either, happiness and success, or of failure, guilt and perhaps tragedy.

The past most often towers, in cantilever fashion, over the present. It throws its shadow upon the future, which it seeks to mould in its own image, or at times in terms of the reverse aspect of this image. Today we hear over and over again that we must live in the present, in the Now. But there is a basic naivety in such statement. Life is a dynamic process, and what we awkwardly call ‘the present’ is simply THE MOVEMENT from past to future.

This movement is conditioned by what has happened before – by our language, our culture, our individual formation in childhood and what society expects of us according to its repetitive patterns. If we are not to become a duplication of these patterns we need to have a vibrant, creative faith in the future – a future that COULD be different from the past, because more evolved, more fulfilling.

Pisces is the end of a cycle, but also the prelude to a new one. As Franklin D Roosevelt said: ‘The past is only prelude’. The seed too is also a prelude to a future vegetation. Within the ‘seed man’ the vision of the new culture glows, vivid and potent. It alone can redeem the past and give it constructive significance.

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